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A Little Bite of Laughterr:  (LA TImes December 5, 1997 in KATIMES "Latte")
"Using DNA samples, the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife
  discovered that much of what is sold as expensive beluga caviar
  is actually cheap fish eggs from Montana," says Bob Mills.
  "A full-scale investigation was launched when agents discovered
  McDonald's was using the same brand in its Caviar McNuggets."

And a response to Karen who  asked a question re substance abuse:

NEWS  :Los Angeles Times  December 5, 1997
A writer and a photographer spent five months chronicling the
tortured lives of children living with drug addicts and alcoholics.
The conditions they uncovered are all too common in the United
States, which has a higher rate of drug abuse than any other
industrialized nation. < >

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