missing mail

S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Mon Dec 15 21:36:47 EST 1997

Bionet anti-spammers wrote
> As some of you in the three newsgroups now being moderated for spam --
> women-in-bio, audiology, and mycology -- have realized, not all the
> messages posted to your group have not been getting through.
> Over the weekend we found one baffling problem -- the "Newsgroups: "
> header for messages is either not being included by all mail systems,
> or some piece of code in our system is stripping it out. 

Okay, here's a test for you!  I am posting out of Netscape 3.01
 using the emailer and the womenbio at net.bio.net email address,
NOT the newsreader.  (I access the bionet via the web.)
There is no "newsgroups" header anywhere on this 
email message.  Do directly-mailed messages that do not go
through a news-server get removed by your robot?  I have written
three times now, always by direct email,
 and nothing of mine has gotten through.

As I said in one of those missing posts, good thing I
don't get hung up on conspiracy theories or I might take
this personally!    ;-)  

DON'T REPLY to the email address in header.
It's an anti-spam.  Use the one below.
S L Forsburg, PhD  forsburg at salk.edu
Molecular Biology and Virology Lab          
The Salk Institute, La Jolla CA 
"These are my opinions.  I don't have  
time to speak for anyone else."

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