good-bye to everyone on this group

Sabine Dippel sabine at
Tue Dec 16 12:36:24 EST 1997


this is both a test if I get through to the newsgroup at all,
as well as a quick good-bye note in case I will not be able to 
access this newsgroup from my new job. 

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading this newsgroup during 
the last 3 years, and am going to miss it in case I won't be able 
to read it in my new job. The discussions here were really on a 
level which you seldom find in usenet - interesting, straight to the 
point, taking everyone seriously (none of these ego battles there are 
in, e.g.) and a great help to someone working 
in an all-male scientific environment like I do. I am moving into an
industrial job on January 1st, in an industrial research lab - I am 
leaving academic science, but not science as such. I think my
there might be interesting to the group, so I will try my best to 
tell about it once I'm settled.

All the best for the holidays,

and a happy new year,


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