C. Boake cboake at
Fri Dec 19 16:40:09 EST 1997

Hi --

Next month I am participating in a workshop that deals with women in
ecology & evolutionary biology.  It is organized by graduate students at
U. Kentucky and they have a website if anyone is interested:

For my contribution to the workshop, I have been thinking about discussing
mentoring.  I am curious whether there is a "women's style" of mentoring,
analogous to the women's style of business management that seems to be
getting a lot of hype.  Based on my personal experiences I don't see much
evidence of gender-specific style, at least along the axis of hands-on to
hands-off.  I'd welcome any comments from this group and also suggestions
for references; I know about materials like the publications from NAS and
AWIS that deal with how to mentor.  I'm more interested in trying to find
studies of the outcome of different approaches to mentoring.

The other side of the mentoring issue is whether women need to receive a
different style of mentoring than men.  Some of the recent comments in
this group (sorry I can't recall who said them) such as pointing out that
women sometimes don't hear positive feedback, suggest that women may need
a different kind of mentoring.  But once again there may be a great deal
of individual variation.  I'd welcome comments on this.  It would be most
interesting to hear from both starting and advanced scientists as to the
kinds of mentoring that they have received that has been particularly
helpful for them.

You could reply to the group or to me directly (cboake at  If I
receive an appreciable number of replies, I'll provide the group with a

Happy holidays!


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