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>A. Murray (amurra at wrote:
>: 1.  do we not get enough positive feedback, or do we not
>: *h ear* the positive comments that are made?
3. CRITICISM STICKS FOREVER--OK DUMP IT  . We need to pay attention
>when people say we're doing things well.  YES< YES YES
>4. SELF PROMOTION:--consider yourselves as :entrepreneurs.   You are
>selling your self., YOUR LAB AND YOUR OUTCOMES.  When I work with large
>collaboratives that may or may not know anything about what we do   I give
>them all  press packets.  A www page is only so good was where it is
>hidden.  The written word is  powerful when presented on paper with
>elegance.  (IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE).  The issue that the press
>packet must be written in journalistic style so that it is understandable.
5; THE COLLABORATIVE:  (With permission of the PI)  If you are seeking
funding, the collaborative is the best way to go.  Invite people who are
interested (but  may not be scientists) to your lab, host them for a simple
breakfast or refreshments,  pass out the packets, and be sure you take
photos of the individuals at a microscope, etc  or with students.  This
works--the evidence is 7 grants of 450,000 from the State of California.
three of which have been leveraged to higher levels of funding from other
sources.   But be sure that the collaborative knows its role.

Mary Ann Sesma

>I also think that judicious self-promotion is extremely
>important. And, conveying information about the science
>we're doing to people who might be interested (for example,
>putting the reprint on the desk) is a perfect way to
>do it. Other suggestions I can think of, is to e-mail people
>with questions about their own data, and papers, so that
>you can discuss topics of mutual interest, volunteering
>to give talks when you're visiting a city, asking your
>supervisor for time to tell seminar visitors about your
>own research. The key, I see, to artful self-promotion is that
>you have to have something to offer those whose time you're
>Any other suggestions?
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