publication rate/maternity leave

Caroline J. Walker walkerc at CLEMSON.EDU
Tue Dec 30 15:34:55 EST 1997

I wonder if I can get comments on the best way to handle career breaks on
grant applications?  One of the reviewers comments on my NSF proposal
referred to my publication rate as being "moderate to good" - which is
probably fair.   However, I did not mention that I have taken maternity
leave/working part time over the last 5 years to have 2 children, owing to
advanced paranoia that this usually results in my being taken less
seriously.  But I wonder now if I was being too cautious.  Would it have
been better to include this information somewhere on the proposal so that
my publications/years of research is more accurately reflected?  It seems
that this would be a fairer way for panels to assess the productivity of
researchers - but are panels ready to consider this sort of information?

Has anyone had experience of how to handle this?



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