modesty or not?

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Wed Dec 31 00:32:43 EST 1997

> From: cjfuller at (C.J. Fuller)

> Friends-Well, someone has to work over the holidays. One of my holiday
> projects this year is getting my reappointment dossier in order. Talk
> about pulling chickens' teeth! There is a balance between bravado and
> overt modesty, and I favor the latter, as I imagine many of you do.
> Any
> ideas about putting down everything you've done without looking as if
> you're the Messiah?

My suggestion is, don't be afraid to be aggressively self-promoting.
You get NO POINTS in this business for being modest.  I don't know
about the rest of you, but when I was growing up I remember that
any--ANY--self congratulation was met by my parents and so on as
being boastful, and was negatively reinforced. ( Do men not get
this? )  One of my hardest lessons has been learning to say,
"yeah, I did this, and I did it FIRST!" 
Which I still don't say often enough.  Maybe we all should sit
down at this time (year's end and all), and write a list of
major accomplishments:  what we deserve credit for!

If you put your light under a bushel, no one is
going to pay attention to you--they'll use it as an excuse 
not to notice you.  

Or perhaps I'm just cynical?

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