The posting that noone will read!

RGyure rgyure at
Thu Jan 2 10:51:43 EST 1997

I just came back onto this group after a long absence.....
and this post prompted me to reply. I got a wonderful cathartic giggle
from reading it, and wanted to express my thanks.  Jean--  I sympathize
with you/your situation, and you have a great (comical) way of describing
some of the things many of us have encountered in our science careers.

Currently I am an "at home mom" after many years in the workforce-- PhD,
faculty postion at small college. Made choice to move , leave job-- my
husband got a good postion at a new place (he is research biochemist, very
good research program, successful...)  I was teaching, did not have a
research program, publications, etc.  So, in our family I took the role of
the flexible partner.  I am using this year to do many things I never had
time for, have more time for our daughter, and we are adopting a second
child.  I have not seen this as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity.
HOWEVER-- when I  look back at my path I have to wonder-- why didn't I
choose the science research route and stick to it more ardently... I liked
some of your observations.  I enjoyed my teaching postition thoroughly--
much more than I ever liked research.  And, I hope to go back into
teaching.  But, in this world, I will never be considered a "success" like
hubby.  I dread running into my old major professor, who probably sees me
as another failure....

Just some thoughts for today, as I dive back into this group. It's nice to
catch up with some of the folks who have been here awhile.


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