Need Recommendations for Evol. Bio. Programs

Dana Ann Dudle ddudle at
Fri Jan 3 17:09:05 EST 1997

I am a fourth-year student in a terrific Ecology-Evolution-Behavior 
program, and I have met graduate students here who have done everything 
under the sun before entering graduate schools (including being set 
designers for off-Broadway theater and cooking (cheffing?) in upscale 
French restaurants, as well as more "traditonal" things like taking a job 
as a technician or environmental educator, etc.).  My advice to anyone 
unsure about whether s/he wants to enter graduate school is to NOT do so 
until s/he is pretty darn sure.  Graduate schools in this field are not 
too particular about what perspective students may have done in the last 
few years, especially if they can demonstrate good critical thinking 
skills, good questions to go about investigating, and the other skills 
that they will need to become academic scientists.  

My own advisor, who has a great reputation as a scientist, is very proud 
that she "hung out on the beach" for nearly 6 months before she decided 
to enter graduate school... 

I agree that it will be more difficult to apply in a year or two, but the 
brain-rest that you could give yourself in that interval may well be 
worth it.  Remember, it is hard to find a good time to stop and rest 
after you have entered grad school!  (Believe me, I wish that I had 
thought of this before I had started.)

I hope this helps--

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