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Thu Jan 2 20:57:20 EST 1997

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("Susan Jane Hogarth") wrote:
> ALSO, I don't think of technicians in a "dismissive" sense - they are a vital
> part of any most sizable labs. Small labs suffer for lack of the
continuity and
> professionalism that a technician can bring to the lab. If you do all the
> ordering, paperwork, prep work, etc., in your lab as *well* as initiating
> research, than in my mind you have two jobs. No wonder you work weekends!
> One last thing. You write:
> "I help write  grants (I would write my own, but not having a PhD, I cannot)."
> Is this _true_? How idiotic! Is it truly the lack of a PhD, or the lack of a
> lab/program of your own? In my old department there was one PI who only had a
> master's. He is quite young, well published, very productive and *extremely*
> sharp. He just saw no need to get a PhD (this may be a bad carreer move if he
> ever decides he wants to move to another department, but our department
> supported him nicely). He has a lab and students, a tech, everything. I don't
> know if he had to have a co-author on all his grants or not...
> Anyway, sorry (again) if I offended you. In my mind, "scientist" and
> "technician" are two seperate things, but that doesn't stop the phenomonally
> energetic among us from doing both! (some of us have a hard time with just
> "student" :)
> -- 
> Susan 
> Check this!

Dear Susan,

     Yes, it's true.  At least as far as I know.  Every grant application
I have filled out (and those have only been for post-doc fellowships) have
required it.   I am STUNNED that North Carolina has research faculty with
master's degrees!  How does this guy get grants?  Even if he has to have a
co-author on his grants, i cannot imagine the co-author would not get the
money!  That the master's degree guy would be at the mercy of the people
with their names on the bottom line.  Think about all of the people out
there with PhDs who can't get jobs!  How did this guy get this one?


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