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Veronica I. Arreola varreo1 at uic.edu
Fri Jan 3 17:16:26 EST 1997

On 3 Jan 1997, Trina Roberts wrote:

> A query...
> When taking a year "off" between undergraduate and graduate study, is it
> better to apply and defer, or not apply at all, or apply and then ask to
> reactivate the application a year later, or something else?
> I'm a college senior this year and, while graduate school (probably in
> evolution and ecology) is in the future, I don't think I want to go
> straight back to school this fall. 
> Any thoughts?  Has anyone else dealt with this question, or know how
> graduate schools feel about it?
> Thanks, and happy 1997 (o terrifying year of graduation!),
> Trina
>Trina- I really don't have expert advise but I like to give this advice 
> as much as I can: Do what will make you happy!!  I've known a few guys
> who have done this. They just waited to apply until the winter before
they wanted to attend. Have you talked to the univ's that you may want to
apply to? They may have a certain way of dealing with this. 

If you really feel that you need a year off do it! I don't think I could
handle a year off w/nothing to do and I have a huge fear that I wouldn't
return. That's why I"m going straight to grad school as '97 is my
graduation date also!! Good luck in your studies and your decision!! 
blessed be-

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