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> From reading concerns of several people with professional careers in
> science field, I've gotten little scared...
> I'm only a undergrad student hoping to get into medical science research
> area...maybe get MD or PhD or both..eventually.
> I don't mind working so many hours and stuff(I think), and I would like to
> excel in the field that I will be in, but at the same time I would also
> want to have a family and enjoy my life perhaps.
> Is this a hopeless dream??
> I've been hearing all these stories how it is almost impossible and I see
> lots of single women scientists at places I do my internships..
> I'm just curious and concerned...
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It's not hopeless, but you have to make some wise choices.  Find good
mentors who will point you in the right direction so you can be as
productive as possible in interesting areas.  Study efficient people so
you can be efficient too.  (Just putting alot of time in doesn't mean
you're being productive).  Find a good spouse who will be supportive
and willing to pull their own weight when it comes to house work or
childcare.  Keep youself sane by taking some time for yourself.  I had
one kid before tenure and one after.  I think I've been reasonably
productive.  I have five grad students in my lab now.  I'm up for
promotion to full professor this year.  Keep your fingers crossed for

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