professionalism, women, and Oprah! (looonnngggg)

Valerie Cardenas Nicolson valerie at
Wed Jan 8 15:55:44 EST 1997

> > I train students. I write my own papers. I help write
> > grants (I would write my own, but not having a PhD, I cannot). I contribute
> > just as much to the creative aspects of the research as anyone, and I consider

Isn't whether you can be PI on a grant determined by your organization?
Last I knew, there was no requirement that the PI have a Ph.D. (or M.D.)
for PHS grants.  However, I know that at many universities you cannot
be PI on a grant unless you have an academic appointment of some kind
(probably much of the reason there are so many people at UCSF with
adjunct or in residence positions).  I have known people at private research
companies/institutions that were PI on PHS grants yet did not have a
Ph.D. or M.D.


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