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Noel Fong ez005881 at
Wed Jan 8 18:23:21 EST 1997

Beth Shuster (eoshuster at wrote:
:   Are you talking about Lucy Shapiro or Sharon Long?  Lucy visited UCD the
: first year I was here & made a big point of telling all the young female
: professors she met that they should have children as soon as possible and
: gave instructions on how one should interview prospective nannies.  I do
: not know how much domestic help she received from her partner, but I do
: know that she had financial resources above and beyond what most assistant
: profs have access to!


	I am concerned about your last sentence as a possible violation
of privacy.  Her financial status is a personal matter.  Do you really 
know what her resources are?  
	But, a larger matter is whether it's appropriate to discuss her
circumstances in this very public forum.  I would not want to talked about
like this by others without my consent.


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