MD/PhD Couple

Thu Jan 9 11:08:46 EST 1997

Hi!  I've been hanging out here for a while and thought I'd take the 
time to introduce myself.  My name is Alison, and I'm working on my 
PhD in  physiology.  

I have a question for you all...I am almost finished with the work 
for my dissertation (at least that's how things look at the moment), 
and now the time has come to start thinking about finding a position. 
(I most likely won't be done until next spring but I figure it's 
never too early to start)  My problem is this: my husband will be 
finishing medical school at the same time I finish my degree.  If 
you're familiar with the residency system, you know that graduating 
MD's find out where they are going in March.  This leaves me to 
either find a position before he starts interviewing or for me to 
find a position wherever he gets "matched".  I know this is sort of a 
long way of getting around to it, but are any of you aware of any 
system/program/etc that places an MD/PhD couple?? We are both from 
Pennsylvania (he's from Johnstown, I'm from a l;ittle dot on the map 
called Mount Union) and would like to return to the northeast if you 
are aware of any places that might be open to this.

I apologize if this sounds a little disjointed and frantic, but the 
more I think about this, the more disconcerted I am becoming.  Any 
ideas would be super.  Thanks!!


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