why women leave the pipeline

Thu Jan 9 14:36:00 EST 1997

>(ktlee+ at pitt.edu) wrote:
>I think you are probably right that your leaving impacts other people. 
>(And also right that that is no reason for you to change your 
>decision.)  I was talking to a colleague recently and he told me of a 
>study he read or heard about.  (I don't know where and don't have a 
>reference or any details. sorry.)  This study apparently tracked 
>people in high profile postdocs to see where they ended up.  Even at 
>that level, women left the pipeline more often than men.  
>Interestingly it was women with female mentors that left more often. 
>Why?  According to my colleague the reason stated was that the women 
>saw what their mentors had given up and didn't want to go there.  
>Has anybody else seen or heard this?  Do you know where I can get a 
>copy of the paper?
I'm behind in my email, so forgive me if someone else has already 
answered, but the article you refer to is in the Jan 1996 issue of 
American Scientist and it's a good one.
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