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Cassandra Smith clsmith at DARWIN.BU.EDU
Fri Jan 10 15:44:07 EST 1997

for high school girls in science, mathematics and engineering

Liz Simmons at Boston University for several years has been organizing
a visit of high school girls to meet women scientist, engineers, and
mathematicians.  She need help..i.e. more volunteers to participate

   From: "Elizabeth H. Simmons" <simmons at>

   Happy New Year, everyone!

   I'm writing to start the process of organizing Pathways `97,
   BU's fourth science day for women scientists, mathematicians
   and engineers.  Last year we hosted over 400 young women 
   and their teachers from local high schools -- and had to turn
   away over 150 other applicants.

   This year, Cynthia and I have raised enough funding (courtesy of BU,
   NSF, and several local corporations) to support two back-to-back
   Pathways events on April 1 and April 2 (the consecutive days will keep
   some costs down).  Based on feedback from some of you in the fall, it
   seems possible to organize two *similar* days, each having about 300
   students.  This will make each event a more comfortable size while
   allowing more students to attend Pathways.  Since I'm aware that many
   of us at B.U. might not be available on both April 1 and April 2, 
   I have started working on contacting women in industry to widen the pool 
   of scientists/engineers who particpate.

   I'd like to propose an organizational meeting for one of the 
   following times (*please e-mail me your preference ASAP*).  

	 Tuesday January 21 at 9am, 10am, 11am or noon
	 Wednesday January 22 at 9am, 10am, 11am, or 3pm 

   The focus of the meeting will be
	 a) to discuss the two-day strategy for Pathways `97
	 b) to figure out who can help organize each of the sessions
	       (poster, panel, lab tour, hot topics)
	 c) to pass out informational sheets suggesting what needs
		to be done to organize each type of session (or see
		copies on the Web page)
	 d) to acquaint newcomers with Pathways and generally catch
		up with one another

   I look forward to hearing from you!

			   Liz Simmons

   P.S. The Pathways `97 Web Page is located at 


   Prof. Elizabeth H. Simmons		voice:   (617) 353-4792
   Physics Dept., Boston University	fax:     (617) 353-9393
   590 Commonwealth Ave.                   
   Boston, MA 02215                        e-mail:  simmons at

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