Why I love science

J Potter jras at post.its.mcw.edu
Fri Jan 10 18:15:05 EST 1997

You were able to put into words my feelings exactly!  Isn't it awesome
to think about the elegant simplicity of how things are regulated and
how they interact?  It seems sometimes like the levels of interactions
go on and on forever and the interconnections between different systems
(signal transduction for one example) are infinitely complex. 

rtemple at NETMAIL.HSCBKLYN.EDU wrote:
> Why do I love science?
> I love to look at the simplicity, elegance, and grace which organisms have
> developed to survive, adapt, & thrive. The sheer elegance of kinase cascades -
> controlling, modulating, and determining what a particular cell will do in
> various circumstances - just astounds me. I work in yeast (cerevisae) and have
> tripped over a novel morphological trigger involved in determining where a cell
> will choose to bud it's next daughter cell that is 1:1 related to a very 'old'
> gene involved with folate synthesis...all this on my way to answer another
> question, my original question. Unanswered questions posed by work that was done
> on this gene in 1970 - before I was born - I can now help speculate  as to the
> answers w/ some certainty. It's an amazing life - the constant challenges, being
> swamped in experiments but relishing every minute, because on the next gel or in
> the next culture could be an answer - or better yet another question - for you.


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