Environmental/Legal issues

Shauna MacKenzie shauna at mail.ibl.bm
Sun Jan 12 23:54:45 EST 1997

I'm a lawyer, with a graduate degree in environmental science. I'm
politically active in both environmental and women's issues. Recently I
have relocated to a strangely remote new home to cohabitate with my new
husband (surprise!!). My lifeline to the outside world has become the
internet. Does anybody know of interesting discussion relevant to
environmental/legal issues?  There seems to be a void in the news: world
on these issues. It may be that our ISP doesn't carry the right groups,
but I've had no success finding things in my field in the news:
Anybody offering pointers?

Shauna M. MacKenzie
"Cher Val"
3 DeSilva Close
Pembroke HM07
BERMUDA		www: <http://server.bspl.bm/shauna>

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