baking & sports & frustration revisited

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Wed Jan 8 15:07:14 EST 1997

Wandering yet _further_ off-topic (what *was* the topic, anyway? :) ...

Megan Brown wrote:

> ... I have played soccer for many years in
> the US and had the opportunity to observe a friendly women's game
> firsthand in Switzerland when I lived there in the early eighties. The
> women ran around the field dressed in cutesy costumes with handknit little
> booties attached to their socks. On the sidelines were their boyfriends
> and assorted other males out for a good laugh and some fine female
> oogling. The best US equivalent I can come up with is how some American
> men like to watch female mud wrestling. There was no display of soccer
> skills at all. My Swiss friends seemed puzzled when I explained to them
> that I played competitive soccer in the US, for it seemed that there was
> no such thing for women in Switzerland (or at least they knew of none).
> The whole spectacle was quite humiliating. 

If you _really_ want to see women embarrassed in sports, try going to a
US college rodeo and watching the women's events. Goat-tying, indeed!

Check this!

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