Tenure & Pipeline

hcorbett at garnet.berkeley.edu hcorbett at garnet.berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 15 05:59:33 EST 1997

As a finishing doctoral student in a great program, who has always loved
academia, I would second Susan's recommendations entirely. Even only
five yeras after college, my goals have evolved (not entirely changed)
and I see all around me my peers struggling with defining what they
really want from their lives (in and out of biology). Those students
wqho came into my program with some tech experience were generally
more realistic about the process of doign research than those, like me,
who went straight from college to grad school. I don't think I made the
wrong decision for myself, but I almost always encourage undergrads who 
*ask* if they ought to go straight on to a PhD, to do something else for
a couple of years. It's not lost time, and on the other hand leaving 
the PhD program with a masters' after two years is quite a blow (those
I know who have are doing fine, but all felt like they were betraying their
goals initially).


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