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Please rate the following select group of movies on a 1-10 scale.
List The title of the movie first followed by your rating...example
76-7.......76=the number of the movie and 7=your rating.
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Please have anybody else who has seen any of these titles
to also rate them. Thank you very much for your valuable time.

LIST #16

376)Jumanji  (1995-Robin Williams)

377)Sidekicks (1994-Chuck Norris)

378)Mighty Aphrodite (1995-Woody Allen)

379)Eye For An Eye (1995-Sally Field)

380)Against All Odds (1984-Jeff Bridges)

381)Daniel (1983-Timmothy Hutton)

382)Police Academy (1984-Steve Guttenberg)

383)The Natural (1984-Robert Redford)

384)Sixteen Candles (1984-Molly Ringwald)

385)Moscow On The Hudson (1984-Robin Williams)

386)All Of Me (1984-Steve Martin)

387)The Karate Kid (1984-Ralph Macchio)

388)The Last Starfighter (1984-Robert Preston)

389)Philadelphia Experiment (1984-Michael Pare)

390)Harry & Son (1983-Paul Newman)

391)Miami Rhapsody (1995-Sarah Jessica Parker)

392)Black Sheep (1995-Chris Farley)

393)Executive Decision (1995-Kurt Russell)

394)Desperado (1995-Antonio Banderas)

395)Extreme Measures (1996-Gene Hackman)

396)Congo (1995-Ernie Hudson)

397)Diabolique (1995-Sharon Stone)

398)Down Periscope (1995-Kelsey Grammer)

399)City Hall (1995-Al Pacino)

400)Reservoir Dogs (1992-Harvey Keitel)

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