revealing pregnancy

Dave Johnson neuroguy at USA1.COM
Sat Jan 18 09:09:41 EST 1997

I have been following all the threads with interest but particularly the
one about women with children and academic appointments.  I have been an
assistant professor for 4 months now and am expecting my first child this
summer.  At what point in a pregnancy have other women out there revealed
it to colleagues, department heads etc?  A few weeks before I found out I
was expecting I was questioned by a male colleague as to whether or not I
was pregnant ( I was drinking tea (typical for me ) not beer at a social
function.  He had been thinking that I would be likely to start a family
soon and was wondering when I would "not be around for a while".  I am a
little uncertain about how my news will be received by my colleagues and
would be interested in hearing other womens' experiences.  On the plus
side...I am due in between semesters and if all goes well I will be able to
continue my teaching schedule (1 course per semester) uninterrupted.  I
also do the majority of my work on computers so do not have to work with
radioactivity or lab reagents and can do a lot of work from home.  Anyway I
am looking forward to it all and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of this


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