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On 21 Jan 1997 esylander at wrote:

> I can only give you an experience I saw happen. I am a tech, and the tech before
> me came to the job a few months pregnant, but did not tell my boss. 6 months
> into the job, she left for maternity leave, and my boss was without a tech. That
> left behind a major amount of resentment. I guess that you should arrange
> things, if you can, so that you do not cause resentment among your collegues.
> Most of them will probably just be happy for you anyway.
> beth

On the other hand, would your boss have hired her at all if it was *known* 
that she was pregnant?


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> Subject: Re: revealing pregnancy
> From:    jboyd at (Jessica Boyd) at Internet
> Date:    1/20/97  7:25 PM
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> > I have been following all the threads with interest but particularly the
> > one about women with children and academic appointments.  I have been an
> > assistant professor for 4 months now and am expecting my first child this
> > summer.  At what point in a pregnancy have other women out there revealed
> > it to colleagues, department heads etc?  A few weeks before I found out I
> > was expecting I was questioned by a male colleague as to whether or not I
> > was pregnant ( I was drinking tea (typical for me ) not beer at a social
> > function.  He had been thinking that I would be likely to start a family
> > soon and was wondering when I would "not be around for a while".  I am a
> > little uncertain about how my news will be received by my colleagues and
> > would be interested in hearing other womens' experiences.  On the plus
> > side...I am due in between semesters and if all goes well I will be able to
> > continue my teaching schedule (1 course per semester) uninterrupted.  I
> > also do the majority of my work on computers so do not have to work with
> > radioactivity or lab reagents and can do a lot of work from home.  Anyway I
> > am looking forward to it all and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of this
> > newsgroup.
> > 
> > Tina
> Tina,
> Find out from your department head or personel department just what the
> University policy regarding maternity leave is.  It is likely that your
> department head doesn't know because he may have never had a pregnant
> woman in his department before.  If this is the case, ask the personel
> department.   You may be able to renegotiate your tenure clock, ie: have
> it extended by a year or so, but find out and get it in writing.  Be
> realistic about the time commitment  even a healthy pregnancy and baby
> takes.  Think now about contingency plans if you need to quit work earlier
> than you expect  (like who can give your lectures for you).  Be agressive
> about getting all the time off you are eligible for.  As for telling
> people about it I would wait until I had a plan.  Don't worry about how
> your collegues take the news, if they are supportive, good, if not the
> heck with them.
> Jessie
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> 2+FUI9"YU8V%L9V%R>2YC80T*
> end

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