The Mind of a Scientist = The Mind of an Artist/Musician

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Cynthia M. Galloway (c-galloway at TAMUK.EDU) wrote:
: Sometimes some of my best nonmajors in my Intro
: Botany class are Art majors because they are trained to be observant (or are
: just naturally observant).

And, of course, there's a long history of art in botany
(that is all of the botanical prints and drawing before
the age of photography). This is also true for anatomical
drawings -- the illustrated medical atlases drawn by
Frank Netter are definitely works of art.

BTW, there's a great web site for those who are interested
in optical illusions and art. (All vision scientists have
heartfelt fondness for visual illusions)

For a specific example involving French botanical prints of
the 19th century, go to

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