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Cynthia M. Galloway c-galloway at TAMUK.EDU
Sat Jan 25 13:58:45 EST 1997

>	I was wondering what current thoughts were on the subject of a MS
>vs a PhD. I realize that this is not a simple question and that it involves 
>a variety of personal experiences, however I need some solid advice. I have the
>opportunity to choose between two extremely desirable graduate programs
>one a two year masters, the other a five to seven year PhD. The time in the
program is 
>not really as important as what happens at the other end. I am 39 I have a
>wonderful supportive family. Any advice?

The question needing to be asked is, "What do you wish to do at the other
end?"  There are certain things you can do with each degree.  Can you do
what you want to do with a Masters or is a PhD required?  I have a friend
who is just finished her PhD and is in her early 40's.  A job has just
opened up and she is being considered for the position.  If she hadn't had
the PhD she wouldn't have had a chance for the job and it's the perfect job
for her.  Also, what area are you in? (research-wise).

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