Why I love science

Jeanhee Chung jc363 at pantheon.yale.edu
Mon Jan 27 12:38:16 EST 1997

When Stevie Smith wrote this poem, she was not talking about science.  But
I think that any woman who loves her metier, and has fought to keep it,
may be inspired by it. 

_My Hat_

Mother said if I wore this hat
I should be certain to get off with the right sort of chap
Well look where I am now, on a desert island
With so far as I can see no one at all on hand
I know what has happened though I suppose Mother
	wouldn't see
This hat being so strong has completely run away with me
I had the feeling it was beginning to happen the moment I put
	it on
What a moment that was as I rose up, I rose up like a flying
As strong as a swan too, why see how far my hat has flown me 
It took us a night to come and then a night and a day
And all the time the swan wing in my hat waved beautifully
Ah, I thought, How this hat becomes me.
First the sea was dark but then it was pale blue
And still the wing beat and we flew and we flew
A night and a day and a night, and by the old right way
Between the sun and the moon we flew until morning day.
It is always early morning here on this peculiar island
The green grass grows into the sea on the dipping land
Am I glad I am here? Yes, well, I am,
It's nice to be rid of Father, Mother and the young man
There's just one thing causes me a twinge of pain,
If I take my hat off, shall I find myself home again?
So in this early morning land I always wear my hat
Go home, you see, well I wouldn't run a risk like that.

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