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Wed Jan 29 18:22:51 EST 1997

Dana Ann Dudle (ddudle at wrote:
: I should also say that I don't think the committee had the stats on the 
: sex ratio of the affirmative action response cards until after the short 
: list was made.  THe short list was introduced to the department 
: (including students) and some accompanying information (like the criteria 
: used, number of applicants, etc.) was included in that presentation.  

I wish that this type of presentation were a requirement for all
departments (especially those at your (and my) university). I think that 
until such information is readily available, it's difficult for those
outside the search process to comment on it.  And changes aren't  going
to happen in those departments until we can comment. 

Another point about the lack of new hires who are women -- our university 
is fairly backward in terms of issues that most directly affect women.
Until last year, there was no attention to daycare on the part of the 
university and, as far as I know, no facilities are yet in place.
Also, the university as a whole has no family leave policy. Instead it 
is left to individual departments to decide on leave.  This means that
new hires aren't guaranteed any policy!  One of the trustees attempted to 
introduce a policy last year, but it was tabled.  Finally, there aren't
a lot of jobs for spouses in our town and as far as I can see, the
university doesn't have any program to help with obtaining jobs.  So...
all of this adds up to our being disadvantaged in competing for new
women hires.  

All of this is not to suggest that all other things are equal in the 
hiring process for the sexes, but just to provide another thing to be 
concerned about. :(

Liz Johnson

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