How do you handle it?

Cassandra Smith clsmith at MCCLINTOCK.BU.EDU
Tue Jul 8 12:00:12 EST 1997

This may sound strange but Ihave found the best way to deal with this is

1. Say "Please excuse me, what did you say?
          ....what do you mean by that?

2. Complain to someone in power that you are being harassed and ask them
to speak to the must explain how it is interfering with you

3. Number 2 is much more of an option these days...and you are being
harassed. Before 2 was much of an option I would talk to the jerks friends and
anyone who was in power who might understand and ask them to speak with
the person...but the number 2 option really means that you should not
have to look hard for sympathetic ears....also you might speak with
a female in power...sometime the men are dense at least the first few
times the face this issue..

Good luck!

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