How do you handle it?

Tue Jul 8 12:21:40 EST 1997

Cassandra Smith wrote:

>This may sound strange but Ihave found the best way to deal with this 
>1. Say "Please excuse me, what did you say?
>          ....what do you mean by that?


I have to agree this is the best way to start.  I'm sensitized to this 
by my husband, who was accused by a lab mate of "jerk" behaviour when he 
said "You look nice today" which he meant simply as a complement, as in 
"what a neat Southern!" (I myself tell both men and women when they look 
particularly nice.)  The lab mate heard something along the lines of a 
proposition took offense.  When they finally cleared the air, they both 
learned to respect each other's  sensitive spots, and get along just 
fine now.  People who aren't jerks but just didn't realize they are 
annoying you will stop after #1.  Real jerks like Linnea mentioned won't 
stop even after #2 (which I snipped out).

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