VENT- A Man got the job I should have gotten.

Cassandra Smith clsmith at MCCLINTOCK.BU.EDU
Thu Jul 10 17:09:27 EST 1997

I really recommend reading immediately..."Games your mother
never taugt you" a book published quite a time ago but
is quite relevent

According to the book:
1. only do your job...if you do others jobs then make certain your
job is reclassified and you are appropriate payed. You do not
ususally get credit for doing someone elses job or more must
make certain you are getting appropriate credit.

2. I would go to your boss and ask why you were not considered for the
job as you felt you should could do may be he forgot you or
pigeon holed you (a female whatever) but then you need to make it clear
that you are not...

3. Do not accept advice that you do not have the training and should
go back to school....

Anyway read THE opened my eyes and I do not remember all
the gems


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