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Sun Jul 13 11:54:41 EST 1997

Please help me. My friend is a new (<2yr) faculty member at a local
university (not uc davis) and is at a low point.

She has told me she is going to kill herself within the next 3 weeks.

She is an excellent scientist but has had had no departmental support
(emotionally) and has become the department's "whipping boy" and due to
budget restructuring she is faced with losing her technician. There is
only one other woman in her department and she was just denied tenure
so I don't think they are very female friendly. This is her first
full-time job other than grad school (she didn't do a post-doc)and thinks
this is her dream job; what she has directed herself towards since before
she even started college. Therefore, she thinks there are no other
alternatives, she can't quit because she won't be able to get a
recommendation from anyone in her department or her old grad school and
can't see the circumstances being any better even if she got another job.
She has been going to therapy but I guess it's not doing her much good.

I think she's serious. She is "tying up" loose ends, asking me if I want
any of her stuff, trying to find homes for her pets.

I am not going to let her do this if I can help it.

Please, if anyone out there can tell me what to say to help her or if you
have been in a similar situation or know someone who has been, email me
and/or this group. I don't have much time.
Thank you,

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