Susan Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Jul 14 22:28:39 EST 1997

cawilen at ucdavis.edu wrote:
> Please help me. My friend is a new (<2yr) faculty member at a local
> university (not uc davis) and is at a low point.
> She has told me she is going to kill herself within the next 3 weeks.

...sigh... I'm afraid this is some sort of joke, _but_ (just in case):

>...She is "tying up" loose ends, asking me if I want
> any of her stuff, trying to find homes for her pets.

Just ask her if she feels right about deserting her animals that way.
That should bring her 'round.


"Cow envy is more common than you would think." - doghair

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