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Deb Britt Deborah_Britt at brown.edu
Wed Jul 16 14:04:43 EST 1997

In article <33CAD255.35E at nospamsalk.edu>, forsburg at nospamsalk.edu wrote:

> Since there will be no attempt to screen messages, aside from
> the obvious spams, I think this is a Good Thing.  Moderating THIS
> group has more potential for disagreement, since some legitimate
> messages can be difficult, or even insulting or inflammatory,
> but with a clearly stated policy that only the spam goes, we might
> be able to agree about it.  
I don't mind insulting or inflammatory, but I'm thoroughly disgusted by
all the pornographic posts that have been appearing lately.  Let's

Deb Britt

Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Department of Medical Oncology
Rhode Island Hospital

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