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> I have a question for those of you that just came back from courses and
> conferences. I have noticed that several people make notes at such events
> and I was just wondering why? Do you refer to your notes later? What
> things are you noting?
> I can understand if the course is in something you plan to use or if the
> topic is right in your field (perhaps from a competitor?), but most of the
> seminars I have been to don't fall into this category, yet people are
> scribbling furiously.
> Just curious, and always looking for pointers to make me a better
> scientist,
> Kelly.
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I think it has been pretty well documented by psychologists that one
retains more information if one processes it in multiple ways. So rather
than just hearing information at a conference, if one does a little
processing of the information by taking notes, one will probably retain
more of the information. Even if the information is not directly in your
field, you never knows when it may be relevant down the road. 

And I have actually gone back to seminar notes that are years old to dig
out information/authors/references, etc. for both research and teaching. 

My 2 electrons,


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