Notes at seminars

aloisia schmid a-schmi at
Mon Jul 28 17:14:54 EST 1997

Dear Group,

     I am one of those people who just finds it easier to keep up with the
flow of the talk if I am writing it down.  If I just listen without
taking notes, I find my mind can wander.

     Also, I refer to old notes alot and in fact,I re-write the notes
from  really memorable talks and seminars--ESPECIALLY from meetings---,
usually when I am brain-fried and just want a little mindless thing to do
to while there is an incubation or something and I can't concentrate
enough to read a paper.

     People always tell me they think I am well-read.  I think it is 
because I really remember what I HEAR because I do this.....

                              God knows I don't read enough!


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