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Wed Jul 30 12:25:55 EST 1997

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clsmith at DARWIN.BU.EDU (Cassandra Smith) wrote:

> If you look at the statistics womenbio is getting more that other
> groups...I am willing to moderate but I also need other volunteer
> moderators to back me up...I am in process of writing up what is
> needed to vote on the issue of changing the group and will post
> it shortly..
> Cassandra

According to a relatively recent post from the BIOSCI, all of the bionet.*
hierarchy is going to be "anti-spammed". Not sure how this works but I'm
guessing it happens at the machine rather than the human level (i.e, no
need for a moderator for each group). I'm sure the message is in the
BIOSCI archives if anyone is interested.

Bottom line: It probably makes no sense to start changing this group until
we see what how the changes in the whole hierarchy work.

My 2 electrons


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