postdocs around Erie, PA?

Mon Jun 2 07:19:49 EST 1997

Dear Maura,

I made the choice several years ago to live apart from my significant 
other for four years while I completed my PhD and he did two postdocs and
eventually got a faculty position.  It was not an easy time but as you said
after so many years of schooling for both of us it did not seem to be
a good option for either of us to compromise our scientific careers at
that time.  We now have each have faculty positions about 110 miles 
apart and we live in the middle and commute.  (it works so far but 
we are adding a baby to the equation in about 2 months and we'll have to see
how things go then!).  It took a while until I was convinced that it was
really worth it all, so many years of schooling and living apart for 
so long, but now that we both have jobs that we love and a home it 
does seem worth it.  I also think that the separation earlier in our 
relationship and in our careers made the most sense for us.  My husbands
freedom in going to the best postdoc he could rather than trying to do
something close to my school and my going to the Phd program I most
wanted, I feel, paid off in the long run and helped us to wind up in great
permanent positions where we can live together.  I realize that living 
apart is not the right choice for everyone.  At this point (even before the 
baby) I would not do it again. But it might be something for you to give
more thought to.


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