Emotional Responses

Linnea Ista lkista at UNM.EDU
Mon Jun 2 12:18:26 EST 1997

On 2 Jun 1997, Dr. Paula J. Schlax wrote:

> I've been following this thread with some interest- I was wondering how
> much is known about the biochemical reasons that men and women
> frequently respond differently to the same levels of frustration etc...
> Is it "simply" differences in hormone levels? (If say, estrogen levels
> are increased in violent men or women are they less likely to be
> violent, or if testosterone levels are increased is violenct behavior
> more likely?) I'm a chemist and quite ignorant of this type of
> bio-psychological knowledge, but I am pretty interested in what people
> know, guess or are testing......
> Paula
There was a discussion sometime back on this group (I think, I cannot 
imagine what other group it would be :-) ) in which someone stated that 
crying for women released as much adrenalin as  punching something did 
for men. I cannot recall if the adrenalin drop was the same when the 
activities were swapped. Does anyone else remember?

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