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Looking for advice on bio career

l sian gramates siang at emily.oit.umass.edu
Thu Jun 5 13:01:09 EST 1997

hmbst7 at vms.cis.pitt.edu wrote:
: Hi. My mane is Heather Brockway.  I was advised to post here by a friend from 
: scr.research.  I'm a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a 
: BS in Biological Sciences.  I'm looking for advice on what to do now. I'm 
: considering grad school, I'm not sure I want to make that kind of committment 
: right now.

getting experience before committing to grad school is definitely a wise
choice.  it's also not a bad idea to put away some money before going
to grad school; a financial cushion will help when yr living on that
oh-so-generous stipend.

  I extremely interested in genetics and/or botany. I would like to
: try research to see if that path might be good for me.  Unfortunately,
: the only lab experience I have is the course work I have done. I have been
: told that being unskilled isn't uncommon.  I'm looking specifically for 
: advice on how to "break" into a research career. I have applied for several 
: positions within the University but it seems that I can't get in. Does anyone 
: have any suggestions.  Any advice will be sincerely appreciated!! Thanks in 
: advance!!!

have you considered looking outside of yr university?  visit the personnel
offices of every university, college, hospital & biotech company you
can find in yr area.  if yr seriously job hunting, plan to make the rounds
at least every other week, as new positions are constantly opening.  keep
an eye out for lower-level positions.  be sure to have a resume and cover
letter in hand, and have references lined up.  get some practice interviewing
(you'll need that if you go to grad school anyway).  keep in mind that 
finding a job IS a job.

if you have the resources to keep yrself fed & housed, you might consider
approaching some profs you've had a good relationship with and see if
they'll take you on for free in their lab until you have enough experience
to be hireable (of course, this is highly dependent on whether they have
the bench space & money to keep you reagents).

good luck!


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