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perp's in our lab space

Betsy scholl at ipass.{ANTI-SPAM}net
Sun Jun 8 09:55:19 EST 1997

I missed the original post, so I don't know what University this came 
from, but here's
some other info that can help everyone.

I have yet to hear of a University that does not have some sort of 
escort service.  While this won't help you when you're working at night 
(They don't generally send someone to babysit) it will help with things 
like walking past those big bushes to get to the car, or if you live on 
or very close to campus not having to walk alone late at night.

As for what happened in your building, are there other grad students 
there who are also concerned?  (I'm assuming you're not the only female 
in your department or lab)  I would think it would be somewhat easy to 
arrange a "lab-buddy" sort of thing where, if you want to work at night, 
you have a buddy who wants to work at night too - and you arrange to go 
in and leave together.  Safety in numbers.  You could even take 
"bathroom-breaks" together - while it may seem strange to suggest these 
sorts of things, it is one way to feel safer.

The idea of pepper spray is very good too.  I keep mine in my napsack so 
if I am on campus late at night, I already have it with me.

My work involves mostly computer work, not work where I need lab 
equipment, so I mostly work on my home machine at night.  Is it possible 
to try to schedule your day so you leave things like reading etc. for 
later-on, when you can be home?  I know that's hard to do at times, 
especially if you have to check on the progress of an experiment every 
so-many hours or something.  

But there are ways to feel and be safer.  These are just a few.

Betsy Scholl

> >At 10:36 AM 6/4/97 -0700, Sally Burns wrote:
> >>Hi
> >>      Last fall I was working in the lab on a Sunday evening, and went
> to use
> >>the womens restroom. I saw a man go around the corner of the stall to
> an
> >>back area of the restroom  with a daybed. Thinking this guy just made
> a
> >>mistake and was embarrased, I yelled "this is the womens room" and
> left.
> >>I returned several minutes later and knocked, asked if any one was
> >>there--NO Answer. I entered the bathroom and looked  and there was
> this
> >>guy sitting on the couch with his pants down!!! I yelled at him,
> found
> >>another lab worker and called security. Since then he has been
> convicted
> >>of a misdemeanor charge and had to get counseling.((WHICH is known
> not
> >>to work very well when compulsory)
> >>

[snip etc.]

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