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perps in our lab space

Wed Jun 11 16:13:33 EST 1997

I missed many of the postings on this, but what I _have_ read is shocking!

Every person - man/woman - is entitled to a safe and 'non-threatening' working
environment. The University in question is responsible for providing this
environment, reguardless if it impacts on the (I'm assuming here) convicted
perp's career path. If the University won't respond to the valid safety concerns
of the grad students, one solution may be to approach one of the unions (UUP or
a grad student union) to find out what a grad students rights are. Many campuses
(including my own) have unions that, while not wonderful, at least provide the
option of legal remidies to situations that Universities would rather ignore. 

Another solution to this (w/o a union) is to mobilize the graduate students -
via petition, etc - and meet en masse with your campus safety director and/or
Dean/President. We had a problem w/ a gang of teenagers who mugged 8 grad
students on the streets next to the campus. After lobbying vigorously for about
a year, Campus Safety instituted an escort service that will actually pick up/
drop off late night students at the subway station or nearby. At the same time,
they instituted more in-the-building late night patrols because they finally
realized that there were _lots_ of people here after 5pm that they were supposed
to be protecting! It's not easy to get Univ. policy to change, but it can be
done - especially if students themselves aren't shy about speaking to the local
press or pressing charges once incidents occur.

Now I don't know about your campus, but when one of our former students was
caught sneaking a projector out of the building, he was on a pretty severe watch
by security. They knew when he was in the building at all times and kept a tight
rein on him w/o violating his civil rights (illegal searches, etc). Sure, they
could have said that they were afraid of being sued, but the student had stolen
property in his posession as he exited campus. Surely a crime of a menacing and
more severe nature as previously described should elicit a more severe (and
appropriate) response from administration. 

It's only my constitutionally protected opinion...


Robyn Temple
SUNY HSC at Brooklyn

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