Science Education

Chris Odt chriso at
Wed Jun 11 10:10:37 EST 1997

Hello.....I am looking for specific ideas, or a newsgroup, or a Web Site,
that describes "easy to do in an hour or less" science projects for
elementary classrooms. Any ideas of good resources for this?  I am a
microbiologist, and have done some micro related "experiments" with my
daughter's K-1st-2nd grade classes the past 3 years, but now need more
ideas. I'd like to get some projects together over the summer, I assume
from education related web sites, or from teachers. Any and all scientific
or math related areas are fine.  I just want to get these kids attention
and get them interested in science before its too late.  Its been so cool
this past year when I went into my kids 2nd grade class, and one
particular little girl would always come up to me, and say "I want to be a
scientist when I grow up, just like Emily's mom"!

Thanks in advance,
Chris Odt

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