Kylie.Shanahan at Kylie.Shanahan at
Fri Jun 13 00:08:18 EST 1997

I'm sending this on behalf of a friend, in keeping with the excellent 
suggestion of finding others attending conferences we're going to.  She's 
going to a conference on hops in Washington DC in the next couple of weeks 
(the exact dates escape me), and I found out just before she left that she 
doesn't know a soul in the US, let alone anyone going to the conference!  I 
thought that if someone in the group was going to the conference they might 
like to try and track her down - I'm sure she'd be really grateful if someone 
made her feel welcome.

If anyone here is going, drop me an email and I'll give you her name - I don't 
think she'd appreciate me posting it here!



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because it is a long, difficult task."
			Joe Wolfe.

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