bias in peer review

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Fri Jun 13 11:39:16 EST 1997

Constanze Bonifer (bonifer at wrote:
: Of course this is true.And that is the reason why girls do much better in 
: in schools with only girls. Because the teachers in the classrooms, male or 
: female would pay much more attention to the boys in mixed classes.
: This bias dissappears when only girls are present.
: And that is why I say: Judge women and men separately. I am sick and tired 
: of having to develop male attitudes and characteristics in order to 
: be able to make a career.

	I do not think this is always the case.
	I've been in classes where all the students are female, and I 
sometimes find that the classes have a very "one-sided" point of view that
I didn't care for.
	Also, I've been in honors classes with both men and women and in terms
of performance, the men and women in class did equally well.
	What "male attitudes and characteristics" are you talking about?

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