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Chuck Gasser csgasser at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jun 13 13:38:54 EST 1997

In article <5npq77$p0j$1 at dismay.ucs.indiana.edu>
ddudle at indiana.edu (Dana Ann Dudle) writes:

> muriel lederman (mstorrie at vt.edu) wrote:
> > I will just re-iterate a comment I made on my cmpus. It was within the
> > context of a negligible penaly being imposed on a football player accused
> > of rape.
> > 
> > Why is it that a student can be expelled for plagarism but not for an
> > offense that put lives in danger?
> > 
> I asked myself the same question a week ago-- and came up with a similar 
> answer.  Someone with whom I was discussing this issue (it was a long and 
> tearful discussion, let me tell you!) suggested that it is a legal issue, 
> and that if terms for expulsion on the grounds of conviction for sexual 
> harrassment/assault/whatever charges were spelled out in a student ethics 
> code handbook, that the chairperson would be more liekly to get rid of 
> this jerk.  
> I am not sure about this-- it seems like this should already BE in the 
> handbooks of many universities.  Maybe I am naive.  

Such rules are commonly in place at many (most?) campuses.  At my
University students have been put on probation, have been suspended, or
have been expelled for sexual harassment, hate speach, and physical
attacks on other students.  I am appalled that there are universities
that do not immediately take this action!  The original post was from
UCLA (where has this post gone?  I cannot find it in the archives.  Can
posts actually be expunged?  I did not think they could be!) another U
C campus.  It should be governed by the same rules that govern my
campus.  Those who have posted messages stating that someone actually
has to be physically injured before a student can be expelled are
totally wrong.  The university has the right and responsibility to
maintain a safe and secure environment for all employees and students. 
The perpetrator could be expelled.  He could sue, one can sue for
anything, but he would not win!  Don't let them get away with putting
you off!  There is no reason that anyone should have to put up with
such behavior!

Chuck Gasser
U. C. Davis  

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