perp's in our lab space

Patricia S. Bowne pbowne at
Sat Jun 14 15:08:27 EST 1997

Regarding the person who downloaded kidporn in the lab,
aloisa wrote:

"I suppressed acting on it because of the way all
of the guys in my department were acting---almost outraged that he should
be punished "jsut because he had a perfectly normal interest in
pornography."  I was pointing out that this was not normal, that it was
sick, but that's when they started calling me a prude and an hsyterical

You shouldn't have to argue that it's sick; you can argue that
it's STUPID! Just last semester I read an article about an
academic who was fired for downloading such images at work. Some
employers can (and do, apparently) keep track of every page
you access on your computer.

Later in the same message, aloisa suggested that this might be a
thing that guys just don't get, but we can't set up so neat a
gender difference. On another ng I read, the issue of pornography
being posted came up. Some folks suggested the porn should be on
an ng or something of that sort, and several *female*
readers and authors responded that this was impossible, because
they couldn't get the sex ng's at work, where they were posting
and reading this stuff - some of them during working hours!

Maybe I'm the prude, but I would never be so idiotic as to access,
post, or download either sexual or personal material at work.
PIs who give their grad students access to the internet without
informing them of the risks associated are a little bit behind
the times -- sort of like letting someone work in the lab without
showing them where the fire extinguisher is, or which fridge is
for lunch and which one for the radioisotopes ;-)

Pat Bowne

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