Whose preferential treatment?

S L Forsburg forsburg at nospamsalk.edu
Sun Jun 15 15:15:55 EST 1997

> From: Neo Martinez <neo at sfsu.edu>
> What these many studies and our own experiences demonstrate is
> that there is a literally *incredible* institutionalized affirmative
> action program in place for white males. Folks who post keep saying
> it's
> discrimination against us rather than affirmative action for them. The
> fact is that white males have their powerful positions largely because
> of
> their race and gender. Both those traits treat them to preferential
> treatment from the day they are born 'til much after they're dead and
> gone.

Try getting 'em to admit it.

> My point is this: Quit being on the defensive. Go on the
> offensive. White males benefit from overwhelming amounts of
> institutionalized affirmative action (from TV to politics to education
> to
> peer review). It is they who are less qualified due to their talents
> and
> more "qualified" due to their race and gender. Start telling them so!
> Isn't that what all these studies are saying?

I like the idea of turning the tables, Neo, but just how do
you think we're going to pull it off and get it to work?? 

-- susan

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