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S L Forsburg forsburg at
Sun Jun 15 15:35:40 EST 1997

this thread is making me really mad...because this shouldnt
be an issue!  A safe, non-threatening work environment is
something we should be able to take for granted.  How many
of our male colleagues feel endangered by the simple act
of working late?  Or by the unwelcome attention of a janitor? 
It makes me furious that this has to be an issue for us...and
it does.

Anyone who feels threatened or uncomfortable should bring
it to the attention of their PI and on up the ladder until
the situation gets dealt with. 

 I don't think Liz over-reacted.  I think she acted
wisely in not letting a stranger into her car.  We need
to be sure to take our safety seriously (since others 
often don't).  This means, if there's an escort service,
USE IT, and  don't let yourself be "shamed" into something
that you know is imprudent (like giving a ride to 
someone you don't know, or leaving the bldg door open 
after hours, or opening the door to a stranger "who 
forgot his key".). If you are working late, make contact 
with colleagues on the floor;  let someone know where you 
are.  Keep your eyes open and look out for each other.  
If something worries you, call security or campus police.
 That's why they are there. (I hope
the women in my lab are listening, I have to nag
them about this!)

Leave the macho behaviour to the men. They can afford it.

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