matkisso at matkisso at
Tue Jun 17 16:27:41 EST 1997

I wish I had advice, but can only offer something similar from when I was a
tech.  The PI said to me that she expected me to work late and do weekends when
things were really busy, and that when things calmed down I could take the
overtime off as unofficial comp time.

Now, one of the things I really appreciate about academia is the ability to set
your own hours, and to work deals out between yourself and your boss ("Can I 
work the Monday holiday and take the next Friday off?").  If what she had said 
were true, I would have been fine with it, however, there was _never_ a time 
when things 'calmed down'.  I finally started working (carefully) the 35 hours
a week I was paid for, and she decided I was slacking.

I think we had a communication problem.

*sigh*  He can change your status, or you can work the legal 40.  If you do 
anything different, you'll resent it.

my 0.02...


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